Each Hermès saddle is doubly bespoke, crafted for both the horse and its rider, and the house innovates constantly to offer ever greater technical performance and comfort.

The horse and rider enter the arena. They make their approach, prepare, and then jump with this very special power that combines strength and grace. At Hermès, a harness-maker and saddler since its origins, we like a horse to be able to soar unfettered, its heart and back as light as if it were totally free. Since 1837, the house has accompanied every stride and looking to the future while drawing from its roots to better reinvent the métier of tomorrow. The equestrian world is evolving, high level sport is ever more demanding, and the equipment must keep pace with this evolution. This involves a doubly bespoke crafting process for each Hermès saddle to fit both the horse and the rider perfectly, and research into materials that are ever more ground-breaking.

Each model of saddle is designed by the master saddler in collaboration with engineers and the house’s partner riders. In the past these have included the Olympic champions Pierre Jonquères d’Oriola and Bill Steinkraus; and today Astier Nicolas, double medallist at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016, and Simon Delestre, former world number one and winner of a team silver medal at the 2014 World Equestrian Games. In its day, the Steinkraus saddle revolutionised equitation with its slenderness. In 2019, the new Hermès Vivace saddle turns equestrian conventions upside down with its pure shape and lines. At Hermès, the saddle should feel invisible so that horse and rider become as one.